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Domain Registration

V-WIN.COM offers a variety of domain extensions for our client to have a full control over the domain they wanted to register with us. With our Domain Registration service, our client can choose from a variety of domain extensions such as .com,, .net,, .biz, .my & many more!

Basic Guidance for a Valid Domain Name:
  • A domain name can only contain letters(a-z), number (0-9) or dash/hyphen (-) but may not begin and end with dashes.
  • Do not include other characters such as “_” (underscore), “&” (ampersand), “/” (oblique or slash), “.” (dot) and ” ” (white space).
  • Domain Name must be more than four characters; Examples:;;; Maximum allowable characters are 63 characters.
  • For .my Domain Name, a minimum of one character, to a maximum of 40 characters is allowed for registration.

Choosing a Great Domain Name for your Website

A Domain Name is much like a person’s name. It should represent a person, business, brand, and image that our clients try to portray while at the same time being catchy, unique, easy to say and remember. Even when a Domain Name is relatively inexpensive these days, we usually do not encourage our client to buy the first Domain Name that crosses their mind but to do a little homework before they make a purchase decision. This is to ensure that our client would not spend millions of dollars in building up the brand of the Domain Name only to find out that it does not represent the image of the business or the information that they wish to portray.

Below are some simple Guidelines to consider when choosing a Domain Name.

  • Contain the company core business or brand name.
  • Does not contain hyphens or numbers (unless necessary or they are part of your brand).
  • Easy to spell and can be able to spell it correctly just by listening to it.
  • Unique and can be easily remembered.
  • Only Industry Jargon if it is targeted to a certain niche in short term and long term.
  • Less character, usually two or three words with less than 15 characters.